How to bet in-play at a bookmaker site


It’s easy to forget that In-Play or In-Running betting is a new concept in the betting world, although bookmakers report that more In-Play bets are often received on a particular football match than pre-match, especially if the game is televised.

What is In-Play betting?

In-Play betting is simply a bet that is placed when a sporting event starts. For a football match, if the game has kicked off and you place a bet, then that counts as an In-Play bet. You will find that the odds are changing on a more frequent basis compared to pre-match where the markets stay fairly static due to the fact that little has changed apart from team news.

What are the advantages of betting In-Play?

For many customers, In-Play betting offers more excitement than pre-match, especially if you’re watching a sporting event and want to add a new dimension to proceedings.

Some people want to watch the early stages of a football match before deciding to place a particular bet, while you might end up seeing a player come close to scoring and decide that they could be a good Next Scorer bet In-Play.

In-Play markets are often quickly settled, especially if you’re betting on markets like Next Scorer, Next Team to Score and Half-Time Result. It means that you can place further bets on the game without waiting for the final whistle.

You can also Cash Out when it comes to In-Play bets and that means you don’t even have to be right with your bets. If there’s a greater chance of them winning as the event wears on, you will find attractive cash out values.

Who has the best In-Play odds?

The bookmakers offer different In-Play markets and odds so it’s difficult to tell who has the best value. It should be noted that the pre-event markets have more competitive odds, with the bookies making the live odds less competitive to avoid customers being able to gain an advantage.

bet365 , Unibet , William Hill , 888sport and Paddy Power offer a very solid In-Play service for a range of sports and betting markets, while you can nearly always cash out your bets In-Play with thes operators. Most of them also offer partial cash out so you can take part of your money and leave some of the bet intact.