How to enjoy betting and winning on baseball


There are baseball leagues taking place all over the world and that includes the famous Major League Baseball where the thirty teams from the United States of America and Canada are split into an American League and a National League.

The American League and National Leagues are split into East, Central and West. The six winners of each division go through to the Division Series where they are joined by the two teams that come through a Wild Card Game to take their place in the final eight.

There is then a League Championship Series where the winners go through to compete in the World Series and it was something won by the Chicago Cubs in 2016, thus lifting the Curse of the Billy Goat in the process.

What baseball betting markets are popular?

As always with American sports, you can get on the Game Line when it comes to each match. That could be the Money Line where you are simply trying to pick the winner of the game, although sometimes the odds are not particularly competitive. If one team is 1.10 (1/10) to win and the other is 9.00 (8/1), then some customers go in search of other bets.

That is where the Run Line comes into play, with the bookmakers fictionally levelling the playing field for betting purposes. So you might get Team A at odds of 1.90 (9/10) with a handicap of +1.5 meaning that they can afford to either win or lose by 1 in order for your bet to win. However, Team B at odds of 1.90 (9/10) with a -1.5 handicap means you not only need them to win but also win by 2 or more.

MLB total runs is a market where you bet on how many runs will be scored during a baseball match. It comes down to how many combined runs will be scored by the teams so you are not betting on who will win.

If you think this will be a high-scoring game, then it pays to go for a big run amount, eg Over 8.5 whereas a low-scoring game might see you go the opposite way with your bet.

What are MLB futures markets?

This is where you can bet on a ‘future’ or ‘antepost’ baseball market. The season might be yet to start or might be part way through happening and you can bet on which side you think will win the Major League.

You might be also able to bet on the American League or National League winner, while there are also special markets such as Top Team Runscorer and Top Runscorer.

These future markets offer customers the chance to place a bet and enjoy the action throughout the season rather than simply bet on a particular match. It’s an exciting way of making your money last longer.

Can I bet In-Play on baseball?

Yes you can. The matches last a long time and the situation is changing all the time, with the Game Line proving popular when it comes to In-Play betting.

An MLB game can often swing one way or another, with live odds reflecting the price change and illustrating good betting possibilities if you follow the game and the various form lines for each team.

There is the chance to Cash Out on your baseball bets as you go along, although it’s important to get used to the way that In-Play markets are changing on a frequent basis. A failure to do this means that the bookmaker will have an advantage.